English title: Mind over Matter
Italian title: Perdere la testa
Genre: Short Film (Fiction)
Austria/Germany/Italy, 2014
Running Time: 17 Minutes
Original language: German
Available Subtitles: English, Italian


Director: Bernadette “Nanà” Weber
Director of Photography: Pascal Messmer
Executive Producer: Lorenzo Musiu
Producers: Pascal Messmer, Lorenzo Musiu, Davide Potente, Jule Teufel, Bernadette Weber, Alexander Weiz
Produced by Factory624, in collaboration with MOVIK
With the financial support of Land Steiermark
Supported by Cine Impuls Berlin & RallyPad Berlin


Homepage: http://kopfgeschichtenfilm.wordpress.com



Anna has been cheating on him, that is all Gustav knows so far. His biggest fear has been proven right, but what else was there to expect? Gustav has always been unlucky, his whole life. It seems pretty clear: the only logical consequence is to die now. That way Gustav could leave us as the tragic hero of this story. And Anna would sure feel sorry about what she did…




Executive Producer: Lorenzo Musiu
Written by Davide Potente, Jule Teufel & Nanà Weber
Directed by Nanà Weber
DOP: Pascal Messmer
1st AD: Alexander Weiz
1st AC: Peter Bromme
2nd AC: Silvia Briscese
Sound Recording: Matthias Lindner
Music: Benjamin Drumeaux
Scenography & Set Design: Coralie Stier
Make-up and Costumes: Leoni Hartmann
Editing: Pascal Messmer & Nanà Weber
Sound Design & Mixing: Janne Airaksinen
Graphic Design: Nicola Napoli
Visual Effects: Guido Hartmann


Festival Participation:
Fiaticorti International Short Film Festival 2014
Notorius Film Festival 2014

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