participatory documentaries

Gli altri e noi

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English title: The others and us

Genre: Participatory Documentary
Italy, 2016
Running Time: 18 Minutes
Original Language: Italian
A Participatory Video Project by: Bernadette Weber
With and by Cicilia Helt, Mira Helt, Sublime Frosch, Samir Helt, Simone Helt

Produced by Caritas Bolzano


In Laives, South Tyrol, Italy, a group of 5 adolescents with Sinti descents, attend the so called “Sinti class” at the local Middle School. In a Participatory Video project they introduce us to the world, as they experience it every day.




Qui nessuno è straniero


English title: Here, no one is a foreigner
Genre: Participatory Documentary
Italy, 2014
Running Time: 17 Minutes
Original Language: Italian, Sinti
Available Subtitles: English, German, Italian

A Participatory Video Project by: Nuno Escudeiro, Zuzana Limova, Bernadette Weber
With Conan Cari, J.E., Deyon Spada, Ginevra Spada, Raoul Spada, Sheila Spada

Produced by ZeLIG
In Collaboration with Caritas
With the Support from B.L.S. Südtirol – Alto Adige
A Production of Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano


A group of Roma and Sinti teenagers was invited to make a film about the world that surrounds them.