EXILES (original title: EXILE) is an Austrian Documentary Film (2018) by Bernadette Weber, Julia Reiter and Ylenia Busolli, produced by Studium with the support of Henx and Cinema Key, powered by Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz and Film Commission Graz.

Faruk does not like to speak about his past. Why should he? What counts now is to look forward and think of a plan for his new life. Mohadese, who is the same age, is torn, like many young people, between what she would like to do and actual possibilities, between her old and her new identity, as well as between the image that she represents for others and the image in which she recognizes herself. Omar often thinks about his old homeland, about his family, about the revolution for which he, like many others, had risked his life, but above all, about the long desired freedom: a freedom, which he mainly finds in his poems.

The meaning of the exile is determined by the person, who lives it. Today as well as yesterday.
If you cannot go back to your homeland, the only way is to build yourself a new home. If you have lost everything else, the only thing left is not to lose yourself.

Original Title: Exile
International Title: Exiles
Genre: Documentary Film
Running Time: 75 minutes
Year: 2018
Country: Austria
Languages: German, Farsi, Arabic

Homepage: www.exiles-film.com

Faruk Abdi
Omar Khir Alanam
Mohadese Panahi
Julia Reiter

Directors: Julia Reiter and Bernadette Weber
Cinematography: Bernadette Weber
Original Sound: Julia Reiter
Editing: Ylenia Busolli
Sound Design and Mix: Janne Airaksinen

Other participants:
Zain Alabden
Arza Cokovic
Alena Viola Köstl
Alireza Panahi
Asiyeh Panahi
Markus Retter
Irmgard Zandonella
La Cumbestia
Yalla Sham