MOON EUROPA premiers at FilmClub Bolzano, Italy


As winter takes over the European Arctic, it turns into an unrecognizable place, cold and dark. And yet, it is home to people born in faraway lands.


MOON EUROPA screens at Zelig Film Fest hosted by FilmClub Bolzano Italy on December 2nd 2016, at 10 pm.


Director: Nuno Escudeiro
Cinematographer: Bernadette Weber
Editing: Vikram Arora
Sound Design: Janne Airaksinen

MOON EUROPA in Production

We are currently located in Lapland, around the Arctic Circle, between Sweden (Pajala) and Finland (Rovaniemi), for the Production of our Zelig Diploma Film MOON EUROPA (Feature Lenght Documentary, Italy, 2016).

Shooting Period: December 17th 2015 – February 14th 2016

Director: Nuno Escudeiro
Director of Photography: Bernadette Weber
Editor and Sound Recordist/Designer: Vikram Arora





Article about FRATELLI short film project

The independent daily newspaper L’ADIGE of the italian region Trentino-Alto Adige published an article about our short film project Fratelli (Italy, 2016, Director: Martin Alan Tranquillini, DOP: Bernadette Weber, Production: Will & Wisp)



Launching Project

boats_finish sun_COMPRESSED

We started the research for our Diploma Film @ ZeLIG film school, which is taking place in Rovaniemi, Finland. More Infos coming soon.

Shooting Period: December 2015 – February 2016
Release: June 2016
Director: Nuno Escudeiro
DOP: Bernadette Weber
Editor: Vikram Arora

In Production: FRATELLI by Martin Alan Tranquillini



A Short movie by Martin Alan Tranquillini produced by Will o Wisp.

Enrico Cattani
and Stefano Rossi

Director: Martin Alan Tranquillini
1st Assistant Director: Anna Bressanini
Director of Photography: Bernadette Weber
Operator: Alexander Fontana
Sound: Dominic Rogan
Production Manager: Francesco Monticelli and Andrea Monticelli
Editor: Otis Buri
Make up Artist: Valentina Prezzi

Original Music: Noisense


Shooting Period: September 28th to October 1st