Screening at ZeLIG Filmschool: Qui nessuno è straniero

Tomorrow, March 5th, 2015, the official screening of our Participatory Documentary QUI NESSUNO E’ STRANIERO (English title: Here, no one is a foreigner) takes place at ZeLIG School for Documentary, in Bolzano, Italy.

The film was realized together with 6 Teenagers of Roma or Sinti descents.

Produced by ZeLIG Scuola di Documentario
in Collaboration with Caritas Bolzano
with the Support of B.L.S. Sudtirol – Alto Adige
A Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano Production

Film project by Nuno Escudeiro, Zuzana Limova and Bernadette Weber


Watch Extract:

C MINOR – Documentary Project about Donatori di Musica

In August/September 2014 we got the chance to participate at a cultural exchange between our Filmschool, ZeLIG in Bolzano, Italy, and SRFTI Film & Television Institute, Calcutta, India.


The result of our collaboration was the short documentary C Minor.

Whatch the extract of the preview:




Directed by Bernadette Weber

DOP: Subal KR

Sound: Nikolaus von Schlebrügge

Editing: Vikram Arora

Production and 1st AD: Anna Bressanini


After the Premiere @ Oblovom Kreuzkölln on Friday, June 13th 2014, Kopfgeschichten is now applying for Short Film Festivals in Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland and Brazil (the countries of our Production members).

Keep yourselves posted on the Kopfgeschichten Blog.


(Watch the trailer)


Movie Infos: KOPFGESCHICHTEN, short movie, based in Berlin, starring Gunnar Titzmann, with Jasmin Mauter, Jutta Westphal and Peer Blank.


Executive Producer: Lorenzo Musiu

Written by Davide Potente, Jule Teufel & Nanà Weber

Directed by Nanà Weber

DOP: Pascal Messmer

1st AD: Alexander Weiz

1st AC: Peter Bromme

2nd AC: Silvia Briscese

Sound Recording: Matthias Lindner

Music: Benjamin Drumeaux

Scenography & Set Design: Coralie Stier

Make-up and Costumes: Leoni Hartmann

Editing: Pascal Messmer & Nanà Weber

Sound Design & Mixing: Janne Airaksinen

Graphic Design: Nicola Napoli

Visual Effects: Guido Hartmann


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NOWHERE at SteNIK, Aprilia (Italy)

On June 11th at 20.30 our short film NOWHERE was in the finals at the Short Film Festival SteNIK in Aprilia, Italy. This picture was kindly taken by one of the festival’s members during the screening.