Article about FRATELLI short film project

The independent daily newspaper L’ADIGE of the italian region Trentino-Alto Adige published an article about our short film project Fratelli (Italy, 2016, Director: Martin Alan Tranquillini, DOP: Bernadette Weber, Production: Will & Wisp)



Launching Project

boats_finish sun_COMPRESSED

We started the research for our Diploma Film @ ZeLIG film school, which is taking place in Rovaniemi, Finland. More Infos coming soon.

Shooting Period: December 2015 – February 2016
Release: June 2016
Director: Nuno Escudeiro
DOP: Bernadette Weber
Editor: Vikram Arora

In Production: FRATELLI by Martin Alan Tranquillini



A Short movie by Martin Alan Tranquillini produced by Will o Wisp.

Enrico Cattani
and Stefano Rossi

Director: Martin Alan Tranquillini
1st Assistant Director: Anna Bressanini
Director of Photography: Bernadette Weber
Operator: Alexander Fontana
Sound: Dominic Rogan
Production Manager: Francesco Monticelli and Andrea Monticelli
Editor: Otis Buri
Make up Artist: Valentina Prezzi

Original Music: Noisense


Shooting Period: September 28th to October 1st

Preview: Dietro i miei occhi

Behind the eyes of four foreign women, who share the same passion for writing. Four worlds which disclose themselves like pages of a book.

(Director: Désirée Marianini, DOP: Bernadette Weber)